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Bode: At discussion in coalition, there was no talk about certain threshold for abuse of office


Bode: At discussion in coalition, there was no talk about certain threshold for abuse of office

The General Secretary of the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Minister of Internal Affairs Lucian Bode, stated on Friday that the Government has not advanced a threshold for abuse of office, considering that this should be done by the Legislature.

„I participated in the coalition’s activity on Sunday. 80% of the time we discussed the amendments to the law on special pensions. The discussions related to the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, the draft law in Parliament, were marginal and Minister Predoiu was mandated by the coalition to discuss with the parliamentary groups to find a solution. (…) All the necessary explanations were given by Catalin Predoiu, and if other statements and other explanations are needed, will give them to the public”, stated Lucian Bode, at the Parliament.

He argued that the senators could not have known what they voted for when they approved the threshold of 250,000 lei.

Bode emphasized that at the coalition discussion, there was no discussion about a certain amount regarding the threshold for abuse of office.

The Senate adopted, in Wednesday’s plenary session, the Government’s draft law for the amendment of the Criminal Code and other normative acts, in order to bring it into line with the decisions of the Constitutional Court, whereby the threshold for abuse of office, which is punishable by imprisonment of for 2 to 7 years, it is set at 250,000 lei.

The Ministry of Justice later announced that it would support the adoption by the Chamber of Deputies of a threshold of 9,000 lei for the crime of abuse of office.

Coalition leaders Nicolae Ciuca and Marcel Ciolacu announced on Wednesday that they support the proposal from the Ministry of Justice. AGERPRES

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